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Welcome to A Gardener’s Delight! I welcome everyone to post their ideas, hopes, thoughts and dreams about gardening. This site won’t be successful without your participation!

A Gardener’s Delight is a site for all delightful topics about the garden: garden design, planting, and sharing the stories of the harvests of our efforts…the list goes on and on! Of course, we will discuss some non-delightful topics such as how to deal with garden pests, garden maintenance and some failures. We must learn from our mistakes in order to better our gardening skills.

Welcome to my Garden
Welcome to my garden!

I invite you to ponder the Destination Gardens page. Visiting other gardens can help provide a wealth of information and ideas.

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The many colors of my garden


About “The Gardener”

My long-time passion about gardening began when I was five years old. We lived in the wonderful weather climate of Northern California at the time. As a hobby, my mother taught me to grow marigolds from seed. When the flowers were finished blooming, and the seeds dried out a bit, I replanted them for more blooms. And I also learned an important gardening lesson that flowers, unlike humans, don’t necessarily grow up to look like their parents.

My gardening experience runs through a number of climates including the lush lands of California’s Napa Valley, the arid desert of southwestern Oklahoma, the rainy conditions of Germany, the snowy winters of Pennsylvania, and the hot & humid summers of Virginia. I’ve learned to adapt to the local environment and learned to grow what thrives no matter where I’m living. That’s what delightful gardening is all about.

On a more personal note, I live in Virginia with my husband in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC. We have a lovely wooded property — although I do wish I had more direct sunshine on the flowerbeds around the house — and fewer browsing deer.

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Mother's Day Hydrangea
Mother’s Day Hydrangea in bloom
Red and white azaleas in full bloom.  Rosemary in the urns.
Red and white azaleas in full bloom. Rosemary in the urns.

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