Exotic Plants Abound at Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro

When you think of Rio de Janeiro, do you think of vast beaches and exciting nightlife, or a lush destination garden?  The breathtaking Jardim Botanico, also known as the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, is situated in one of the World’s most romantic cities.  From the fountains to the statuary to the garden’s trees and plants, this South American destination garden spot is visited by millions of tourists and locals each year.

Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro (Courtesy digitaljournal.com)
Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro (Courtesy digitaljournal.com)

While taking in the sights of the Jardim Botanico, start by strolling down the Avenue of Royal Palms.  See thousands of species of plants and trees and nearly a thousand different varieties of palm trees alone.  Look for howler monkeys and tuft-eared marmosets.  Visit during Carnaval season, just prior to Lent, and you will be assured a lively adventure.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil.  The native tongue is Portuguese yet many locals speak English and Spanish.  See the famous Christ the Redeemer statue.  Take in the beauty of the views from the surrounding mountains including Sugarloaf Mountain.

Hiking, boating, walking, sunbathing, and other such relaxing activities are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.  Cuisine ranges from local Brazilian fare of grilled meats and fresh seafood to Japanese, Middle-Eastern, French, Italian and others.

The 2016 Summer Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro in case you’d like another reason to visit!

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