Visit a Japanese Moss Garden!

The Japanese are known for their gorgeous and stately, albeit natural, gardens.  Countless gardens abound in Japan and are visited by millions each year.  Saiho-ji is a Rinzai Zen Buddhist temple located in Matsuo, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan.  The monastery’s grounds house one of the most famous Japanese moss gardens in the world.

The Saihouji kokedera pond (Courtesy Ivanoff and Wikipedia)
The Saihouji kokedera pond (Courtesy Ivanoff and Wikipedia)

The Saihou-ji kokedera pond, also known as “Golden Pond,” resides in the Japanese moss garden.  It’s a beautiful, tranquil, and peaceful place to visit.  Interestingly enough, the moss arrived during a period that the monastery could not afford the upkeep of the grounds.  Who knew that the moss would become the main attraction for the garden?

Along with the monastery, you can visit three tea houses located in within the monastery property as well as a Zen rock garden.

The city of Kyoto offers many options to view its sites.   Walking and bicycle tours are offered as well as bus tours.  Thousands of temples and shrines are located in Kyoto.

Dining options include local Japanese cuisine as well as French, Italian, and Chinese cuisine. Sushi is a popular Japanese meal. You can try all sorts of sushis at hundreds of sushi restaurants in Kyoto.

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