Garden Decor


Most gardeners can’t find the time to sit down in their gardens. It happens to me all the time. Just as I sit down on a garden bench to marvel at my gardens, I see a weed and immediately jump up to pull it! Having nice garden furniture and decor certainly encourages some relaxation time. Garden decor adds your personal stamp to your garden.

My absolute favorite garden-y store was Smith and Hawken. Unfortunately, S&H itself has gone out of business, but you can still get Smith and Hawken products through TARGET!

I have the teak furniture which has lasted for 10 years now, and it’s still lovely. I’m sorry that Target stopped carrying the Smith and Hawken outdoor teak furniture even online.

I also have metal Smith and Hawken furniture (see photo below) — although I’m not sure that’s still readily available.

My wrought iron furniture from Smith and Hawken — purchased before they went out of business

Some other cool items are below: