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2020 Garden Update
Humans and Nature — How We Can Help Not Hinder
Spring 2019 Garden Update
New Gardening Apparel — Made for Gardeners
Why Leaf Blowing is Counterproductive
Should I Plant Natives or Non-Natives?
Where Has The Gardener Been Hiding?
Garden Center vs Big Box Store Landscaping
Spring 2017 Color in My Garden
Low Maintenance Gardens
Autumn 2016 Color
Raised Bed Garden
My Garden Awakens – 2016
Gardening in 2016
Garden Damage by Neighbors
Fall Yard Clean-Up
How to Repair a Pond Leak
Summer 2015 Garden Happenings
Disease-Resistant Impatiens Have Arrived!
Spring Garden 2015
Winter Interest in the Garden
Fall Color 2014
Summer Frogs!
My Summer Garden
Spring Has Sprung
Slate Walkway Project
Where is Spring?
Snowy Winter Photos from my Garden
Festive Greenery: Holiday Decor from Your Garden
Winterizing Your Pond
What Happened to My Basil?
What to DO with All Those Garden Tomatoes?
Super Cool Garden Insects
What Are The Japanese Beetles Eating in Your Garden?
Pond Update: Baby Frogs Emerge!
Frogs at the Ponds
How to Design a Butterfly Garden
Cicada Videos (Brood II Emergence 2013)
Designing a Landscape from the Inside Out (and Vice-Versa)
The Cicadas Have Arrived!
New Gardening Apparel — Made for Gardeners
How to Ready a Pond for Spring
Cicadas — Friend or Foe?
Garden Pests — How to Keep Them Under Control
Impatiens are Dying — Will They Soon Be Extinct?
It’s Time to Start This Year’s Garden Planning
Jewelry and Accessories for the Gardener
How to Create a Rain Garden
Feeding the Birds
How to Turn Your Own Backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat
Redesign and Rebirth — The Gardener’s Greatest Delight
It’s Time to Plant Bulbs for Spring Color
Super Cool Gardening Gadgets and Necessities
Nature’s Autumn Paintbrush – Fall Colors in the Garden
A Water Gardening Remake
Join the Gardening Craze! Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse Have Their Own Gardens!
Favorite Gardening Books — For Your Reading Pleasure
Attracting Birds and Butterflies and Other Beneficial Creatures to Your Garden
Crush Fresh Herbs and Release a Delightful Scent
The United States Botanic Garden __ A Destination Garden and a National Treasure
Add Instant Color to Your Garden with Annuals
The Kitchen Garden — An Ode to Cooks and non-Cooks Alike
Add a Water Feature to your Garden!
What is a Destination Garden?
Why Do Gardeners So Detest the Jewel-like Japanese Beetle?
What a Lovely Spring!
Welcome to A Gardener’s Delight!