Gardening Tools


Gardening Tools can make the difference between delightful and stressful gardening. Let the tools do the work for you, if possible, and you will enjoy your time in the garden all that much more.

Having been gardening for most of my life, and having favorite and not-so-favorite tools over the years, I’ve collected a set of tool recommendations for you below. Be sure to click on the images or words to find out how to get some tools of your own.

If you are just starting out as a gardener, these items are sure to be on your list:

Garden Hand Trowel
Hand Cultivator
Garden Pail
Hand Weeder Tool

As you move forward, perhaps you’ll want to add:

Gardening Tool Tote
Garden Cart
Leaf Blower or Vacuum
Leaf Shredder/Mulcher
Garden Soil Storage Container
Potting Bench
Portable Gardening Refuse Container
Garden Design Software

For the beginning gardener — or even the expert — you can’t go wrong with this garden tool set with its own carry bag, and folding garden seat.

Ladies, who hasn’t lost a shovel or other garden tool out in the bushes or grass? You won’t lose these pretty pink tools in the garden.

And here’s a pretty pail with pockets to keep your pink tools organized!

And for the gentlemen who prefer something other than pink, here’s a set of tough garden tools for you!

Here’s a nice large set of watering attachments:

And what about the little gardeners? Here’s a safe gardening set for children:

It’s easy to tote along a practical gardening refuse bag so you can collect weeds, debris, etc. — I have used this top one for the past 6 years and it’s served me well.