Where Has The Gardener Been Hiding?

Bleeding Hearts bloom in Spring

Where has The Gardener been hiding? Sorry, y’all, I’ve been super busy with non-gardening activities this past fall and winter. To be fair, I have probably 20 gardening posts in draft, sitting here in my list, waiting to be finished! Just need some time to sit down and finish them.

Purple crocuses already in bloom!!

We’ve had a fairly light winter so far in Virginia this season with very little measurable snow. We’re thankful for the lack of snow but not thankful for the lack of good precipitation in the form of regular rain.

As I mentioned, I’m working on a number of postings and expect to have a few out very soon. Hope your Spring comes early this year even though the Groundhog predicts otherwise. Today is a teasing 70 degree day which is a pretty usual occurrence in February. It tends to happen just before we get a snowstorm to remind us all that it’s still winter. My crocuses are already blooming and my daffodils have peeked up about 6 inches almost overnight.

Bleeding Hearts bloom in Spring

This is also a great time to get your garden planning in order for the year. Check out the seed and plant catalogs and peruse your garden design books for some ideas for your garden.

Now if anyone can tell me where all the “seaweed” went in my ponds. Maybe the fish ate it. We did have baby fish last year which I can now see since the seaweed is gone.

Peace to all, and I’ll be writing more very soon. Take care and let me know what you’ve been doing in your garden.

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