The Palace of Versailles — A European Destination Garden!

Located in Paris, France, King Louis XIV’s Chateau de Versailles is a popular attraction.  The palace, its grounds, and especially the gardens draw millions of visitors each year.

Gardens of Versailles (Photo Courtesy
Gardens of Versailles (Photo Courtesy

Visit the King’s Garden which spans over 20 acres.  See the Orangerie, the fountains, the Canal, and the Queen’s Garden, among a number of other attractions.   The sculptures are exquisite and commanding in nature.   Water is used throughout the estate resulting in magnificent reflections all around. Think about how you could design a garden if you had unlimited resources! Versailles is a prime example.

Visitors interested in the history of the estate will see exhibits marking the evolution of Versailles during the centuries.  The Palace itself boasts the great Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Apartments, and extensive art collections.   The surrounding city of Paris offers a wealth of activities and walking tours for those so inclined.

Paris offers some of the best restaurants in the world. Known best for its regal French cuisine, the City of Lights offers cuisines from almost every country across the globe. You will not go hungry when visiting Paris! Hotels range from the quaint old-style architectural wonders to the newer global hotel chains that will serve your every whim!

Visit Versailles and you will experience royalty at its best!

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