Garden-themed Jewelry and Accessories

Sterling silver gardening-themed bracelet that a friend gave me.

Garden-themed Jewelry and Accessories. If you love gardening like I do, you’ll love some of these cute and unique garden-themed jewelry and accessories! Attached are a few photos of my own jewelry collection. My favorite is the jeweled cicada with bright red eyes!

Some of my garden critter-themed jewelry!

I’ve pulled together a set of what I believe are lovely items that any gardener might like to have in their own collection. Click on the images of the items below to order them for yourself!

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Who doesn’t need a gorgeous evening bag or dressy day bag with a gardening motif?

Doesn’t everyone love a piece of jewelry that announces to the world that you are a gardener? So do I. I have a few charm bracelets with little charms of gardening spades, gardening hats, flowers, rakes, etc. So cute and so expressive! Some of my favorites:

Scarves are an important accessory to add color to your ensemble. Many scarves are also pieces of art and suitable for framing! I have well over 100 scarves that I’ve collected over the years, most are colorful, yet only a few based on my love of gardening. Check out these garden-themed scarves for your collection:

Footwear is a great way to accessorize your outfit — and some of these options can be used while gardening!

For years, my only hats were those that I wore while gardening, or maybe during a snowstorm. As I get older, I just love to wear hats for all occasions. Check out some of these hats — several with BLING (!!!) — and many come in different colors than shown here (click for more info):

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