Gardening Apparel


What you wear in the garden is just as important as what you accomplish each day! Take care to protect yourself and use sunscreen, too.

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Every gardener has his/her favorite pair of gardening gloves. I prefer different gloves depending on the task at hand. Be sure to get colorful gloves so you don’t lose them out in the garden.

Everyone needs a pair of fabulous heavy-duty rose gardening gloves to protect hands from thorns and briars on plants, bushes, and trees. I have these gloves and they’ve lasted for years.

And rose gardening gloves for the men:

A gardening hat with mesh is essential for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and insects:

These hats are already treated with insect repellent so you don’t necessarily have to apply it to your skin! (I hate it when those little gnats get into my eyes!)

UV blocking shirts are a great new option for gardeners!