Claude Monet’s Breathtaking Giverny Garden

Claude Monet’s Les Nympheas (Water Lilies) paintings are likely some of the most famous pieces of artwork in the world. Monet’s lily pond in the garden at his French country home in Giverny is one subject of his many paintings.

Claude Monet's Giverny Garden (Courtesy, Photo by Ariane Cauderlier)
Claude Monet’s Giverny Garden (Courtesy, Photo by Ariane Cauderlier)

Located 75 kilometers (about 45 miles) west of romantic Paris in the quaint village of Giverny, France, Monet’s Garden, with its famous lily pond, is one of the most-visited destination gardens in Europe. The garden is known for its unique color combinations and exotic plantings.

Monet’s house is planted with ivy that changes color with the seasons. Tours are offered of the interior of the home as well as the lovely surrounding gardens. Monet’s estate is one of the most photographed properties in Europe.

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