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Floral-themed clothing
Some of my floral-themed blouses, tops and cardigan sweaters

Are you a fashion plate in the garden? I’m not! My usual gardening attire includes old ratty clothing that I will wear outdoors in the garden, but would not dare wear to the garden center! I’ve been looking for some new gardening apparel for this Spring that can actually be worn elsewhere without embarrassment!

Old t-shirts, my husband’s military fatigue pants, and my frayed shorts are just fine when playing in the dirt. Yet when I’m visiting with clients for gardening and pond design consultations, I really do need nicer attire! I practically cried when my nasty old camouflage sweat pants from Walmart wore out (no, I didn’t wear those to client consultations). They were so comfy!

Floral-themed clothing
Some of my floral-themed blouses, tops and cardigan sweaters

Take a look at my favorites below. I used to have a large selection from Gardener’s Supply but their offerings are limited these days. tends to have some good offerings in many colors. Click on the links and you’ll be taken directly to the retailer sites.

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Ladies gardening overalls are a good choice when you need extra pockets and lots of comfort for bending and kneeling. This pair comes in several other colors so get more than one:

Another set of ladies overalls in denim:

Men’s gardening overalls that will do the job nicely:

I love these great-for-gardening ladies heavy duty water repellent pants that also convert to shorts:

Shorts are essential for summer gardening.  Check out these appropriate-length ladies shorts that are slightly higher-waisted and cover you when you bend over. Get a pair in each color.

Some lightweight gardening shorts for the men:

This tool belt has lots of pockets:

You can order these classy black ladies capri pants for a sleek look while gardening!

All gardeners need to wear a hat in the garden. This one provides SPF-50 protection.

This is a great gardening hat for the men!

And a gardening hat for the ladies which is fancy! Sure, you SHOULD look great in the garden.

This colorful headband soaks up perspiration and keeps your hair out of your eyes in the garden. It comes in several color combinations and prints so stock up.

Here’s a nice gardening apron with lots of pockets to help you stay neat and clean (I have one of these).

Love this ladies gardening shirt which protects from UV light as well as wicks moisture for coolness (comes in several colors so get more than one).

And two more ladies UV protection shirts with a number of color options:

Here’s a nice long-sleeved ladies “fishing” shirt that provides UV protection (comes in a couple of colors to mix and match with your other pieces). I have two of these shirts for gardening purposes since I don’t fish.

Love this ladies gardening t-shirt which will also keep you cool on hot days. Comes in a couple of colors to mix and match.

And some UV outdoor shirts for the men:

Gotta love these chicken-motif Wellies!

And these with a flower-motif that come in a ton of colors:

And how about these Muck Boot gardening clogs? I’ve owned two pairs of these clogs for well over 15 years and they’re still going strong. Just hose them out and let them dry and wear again and again.

And the actual waterproof Muck Boot boots:

I hope you purchase some of these items through my affiliate link to the retailer websites as this also provides me a small commission to run this site (thank you!).  I have already ordered my favorites! Let me know what you think of the products. Look great in your garden this season!

**** A Gardener’s Delight site does not collect your credit card information or your login information for other sites. ****

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