What a lovely Spring!

Purple Foxgloves in my garden

The US East Coast has experienced one of the most beautiful Spring seasons in years. Could be a result of “global warming” or could just be Mother Nature’s gift to us for all of those previously cold and snowy winters. Everyone in the Washington, DC area remembers “Snowmageddon.” We were blessed with almost no measurable snow this winter and a quick turn to a warm Spring. Thank you, Mother Nature for sparing us from another Snowmageddon.

In my garden, almost all plants and trees bloomed or set out leaves at least two weeks earlier than normal. And it was interesting, in the Snowmageddon year, that most plants were two weeks late to bloom or set leaves. Water does play an important part in plants’ survival and flourishment.

Of course, due to the light winter, the insect population may be set to explode later this summer. I’m definitely not looking forward to the thunderous evenings in August when the tree insects are making their calls. A neighbor once asked, jokingly, “Does Nature have to be this vocal?”

Did you have an early Spring in your area? What was the first plant in your garden to peek out this Spring? What was first to bloom?

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