Join the Gardening Craze! Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse Have Their Own Gardens!

Courtesy Epcot Center and Disney World

Join the Gardening Craze. Who doesn’t think that gardening is fulfilling? Millions of dollars are spent each year by gardeners who are seeking solace in their gardens. The greater availability of seeds, seedlings, mature plants, gardening tools, gardening clothing, specialty products, and even gardening carts have contributed to the craze. People have figured out that watching their gardens grow is extremely relaxing — whether they are high-powered executives or stay-at-home parents or college students or retirees. Anyone can have a garden, even in a pretty clay pot on a window sill. It’s like having a pet — you relax as soon as you walk in the door and see its happy greeting.

Pretty colors and textures compliment each other

When I think about relaxation, it’s all about the garden for me. Even a “hot” garden can be relaxing. And by “hot”, I mean reds, yellows, hot pinks, and oranges. I love colors that scream just as much as the cooler colors like blues, purples, and greens. Add a water feature, and I’m in gardening heaven. (I just found another baby goldfish this morning — and this time it’s in my front pond! And when are the tadpoles finally going to become frogs? And did I really count eight frogs in the small front pond? Wow! I’m already relaxed….)

A display pond at Merrifield Garden Center in Fairfax, VA

An information technology executive for whom I worked in the past would ask me, “In what place do you like to sit and think to get your best ideas?” And my answer was always, “In my garden.” He would then tell me to spend more time in my garden and less time sitting behind my desk in the office. It’s interesting how just digging a hole in the garden can be relaxing, and can clear my mind for better ideas. And it is even better when I take a trek to others’ gardens to think. The US Botanic Garden is one of those places.

Purple display garden at Merrifield Garden Center in Fairfax, VA

The garden travel business is booming. Gardeners from all over the world visit natural woodland gardens, manicured estate gardens, arid desert gardens, ancient palace gardens, and botanic gardens of country capitals. Why not explore a special garden on your next holiday trip? Feel your blood pressure drop when you walk into a lovely green space. You’ll know you’re on vacation!

Disney World and Epcot Theme Park in Florida are hosts to some of the loveliest gardens in the world. Florida’s warm weather encourages many varieties of tropical flowers, plants, and trees to flourish. Gardeners and their traveling companions can take tours of the landscape with a focus on the plantings and their importance to the theme parks. Plan to see the Gardens of Mickey Mouse on your next trip to Florida. It’s a wonderful warm wintertime trip if you live in a cold climate!

Check out the fabulous topiaries of your favorite Disney characters. And you can even make one of your own in your home garden. Children will love it!

What is your Gardening Craze? What do you absolutely love to do in your garden? What gardens do you like to visit?

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