What is a Destination Garden?

What is a destination garden? Could it be the the exquisite Palace Gardens of Versailles in Paris, France as shown in the photo? Well, let’s start with literal definitions. A destination is a physical or virtual location to which one may travel either a short or a great distance. A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Birds, butterflies, caterpillars, and countless other wildlife will visit a garden. Many people will visit a garden, not because they are avid gardeners, but because they enjoy its beauty and a peaceful feeling that a garden provides. Destination gardens could be any garden that involves a short walk or long journey to reach it. They could be grand or small in scale. You decide what a destination garden means to you, and please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

The Gardens at Monticello

One of my favorite destination gardens is Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello which you will see featured throughout this website. The Monticello mansion itself is set on a hill with its flower, herb, and vegetable gardens and vineyards touching upon the surrounding valleys below.

Take a jaunt to a destination garden to view different types of plants and arrangements for ideas for your own garden. Be sure to view our Destination Gardens tab above.

The daylily border along the path at the Boars Head Inn, Charlottesville, VA.
Thomas Jefferson's vegetable gardens at Monticello
A dream waterfall pond combination at Merrifield Garden Center in Fairfax, VA
The pond at the Boars Head inn, Charlottesville, VA

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