Add a Water Feature to your Garden!

Do you ever remember visiting a water park as a child? Or riding in a boat on a lake? Or watching the ocean waves crash along the beach? There’s something about a body of water that attracts everyone, young and old. Water gardens can provide delight with their soothing sights and sounds.

Some gardeners feel that the presence of a certain favorite plant will “complete” their gardens. For me, it’s WATER.

My very first water garden consisted of a plastic basin with a small electric fountain pump and some smooth polished river stones. It provided a nice calming sound of bubbling water in the two-story tall glass solarium of a property I was renting while on assignment at Carnegie Mellon University over 15 years ago. That small water garden is still a joy during the warmer months on our screened porch at our house here in Virginia.

Probably the simplest water feature in a garden is the addition of a birdbath. Birdbaths are easy to maintain, and one of the best ways to attract birds and butterflies to your garden.

Another easy water garden is a whiskey barrel pond with a liner. Just fill it with water, a fountain pump, maybe some fish, and some plants, and you are ready to enjoy! See my Water Gardening page for more information.

Over the years, I’ve built some more permanent water gardens on our Virginia property. Each has its own design and intrigue. I encourage you to visit The Ponds Project page for a photo gallery and details.

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  1. We still have the small tabletop fountains – one outside when weather permits and one inside. Look forward to reading your article – The Ponds Project as we would like to install larger ponds some day – conquering the backyard one project at a time :).

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